The VDL PMB - RSC 100 is part of our cigar finishing line-up. This machine combines three machines in one frame to reduce the footprint and create a perfect process between storage, banding and finishing it in cellophane wrapping.

The JL provides a continuous product supply with a hopper capacity of 1.500 to 2.500 cigars. Refilling is easy by adding complete bundles without stopping the machine. The JL places the cigars for the next phase, adding a ring.

The S-100 technology handles each cigar gently and wraps a single diecut band around the cigar. It delivers an extra dimension of luxury and branding. The S-100 has single or double banding options for tax bands or a second band for additional promotion.

The final phase is on our cellophane part of the RSC machine. This part gives the end user the ultimate experience and excitement of unwrapping their enjoyment. The C-100 offers the possibility to wrap the cigar in polypropylene, laminate or aluminium foil with or without a tear strip.

With speeds reaching over 100 cigars per minute, we created a machine that provides the ease of creating cigars with an exceptional finish and experience.

Besides the tipping option, we can also offer a tipping, wood, perforating, piercing or cutting option.

  • Speeds up to 100 cigars per minute
  • Band and cellophane wrapping on one machine
  • Smaller machine footprint
  • Single and/or double banding
  • Compatible with wood and/or tipping machine
  • Commanded folding head eliminates rolling of the cigar
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Polypropylene, laminate foil and aluminium foil
  • Cigar diameter 8-20 mm
  • Other diameters are on request
  • Cigar length 80-180 mm
  • Tear tape or/and roll band executions
  • Full seal with 100% sealer
  • JL hopper for 1.500 - 2.500 cigars
Technology  Mechanically
Control  Siemens S7 1200
HMI (Touchscreen)  Siemens 6 " colour
Power consumptions  5 kW
Compressed air  6 bar (machine runs at 5)
Footprint  3.500 x 920 x 1.940 mm
Weight  950 kg
Working environment  18-28 degrees celsius, 50-70% humidity
Capacity  100 cigars per rminute
Cigar diameter  8-20 mm
Cigar length  80-180 mm
Safety  According to: CE-directive