The tobacco journey from seed to smoke
Selecting tobacco seeds - Grown tobacco seeds are harvested and selected to be planted into individual pods which will stay in for over a week
Planting tobacco plants - Healthy tobacco plants are transferred to the soil untill the tobacco plant is full-grown. After harvesting the leaves are classified as a filler, binder or wrapper, based on strength, color, texture, size, and resiliency
Tobacco leaves curing - In this stage, the tobacco leaves are cured by hanging in a curing barn, where they are dried and turn from green to brown, due to the loss of moisture
Tobacco fermentiing - The cured leaves are tied into bundles and stacked into tobacco piles for the tobacco fermenting process to develop the flavor, aroma, and color of a cigar
Tobacco leaves fermenting
Tobacco moisturizing - The tobacco leaves are moisturized, so they are easier to handle during threshing and the rolling process
Tobacco leaves moisturizing
Tobacco threshing - the tobacco leaves are threshed into small pieces to get short filler cigars
Tobacco threshing
Tobacco leaves drying - The filler is dried with warm blowing air to be able to process the tobacco further
Tobacco leaves drying
Bunch making - The filler will be formed by pressing the evenly spread tobacco leaves together
Bunch making - In order to form a tobacco bunch this filler is tightly wrapped in homogenized tobacco leaf (HTL) or a tobacco leaf, called wrapper. For certain types of cigars, the heads are then molded by a press
Cigar wrapping - The bunch is over-rolled with a perfectly stretched cut out natural leaf or HTL, called a wrapper, to create a smooth cigar
Cigar band wrapping - A cigar band is wrapped around the cigar, which is necessary for brand recognition
Cigar film wrapping - A film is folded and heat-sealed around the cigar. This film packaging will give the cigar
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