General information 

VDL PMB is well-known internationally. More than 85 years of experience in manufacturing cigar machinery guarantee top quality.

A modern complete machine such as the MIR is actually a synchronously coupled aggregate of a bunchmaker and a rolling machine. The bunchmaker portions off a quantity of filler tobacco and envelops it in binder. Next the bunch passes drying and pressing equipment, to obtain its final shape. From there it goes into the rolling machine, where the wrapper is put around it. If necessary, it is also cut to size. Cigarillos, made in double-length, are sometimes cut in two on the delivery belt.

cigars approx. 600 - 800 pcs/hour;

cigarillos 800 - 1,000 pcs/hour;

double-length products 700 - 900 pcs/hour or, after cutting, 1 .400 - 1,800 pcs/hour.