BD 300

There are several ways of drying filler, varying from the old-fashioned method of drying by natural means up to forced drying in drums using high contact temperatures. With PMB's BD 300 the solution is lying in between the two. The temperature is neither too high, thus avoiding influencing the taste of the tobacco, nor is it too low otherwise the dimensions of the machine would become unacceptable.

The rotating drum covered with sieve-gauze prevents the tobacco from touching any heated parts of the machine. With warm air blowing through the drum the machine creates up to 300 kg fully dried tobacco per hour.

Machine benefits

√ Drying tobacco on an air cushion

√ Cyclones with removable dust bins

√ Mixing recirculating and non-saturated air

  • Output
300 kg/h dried filler
  • Dimensions
Length 547 cm
Width 292 cm
Height 250 cm
  • Control
Frequency controlled motors


Strength through cooperation

With strength through cooperation, we have worked together with other VDL companies to generate our designed and assembled BD 300.



VDL Klima  LOGO-VDL1.png


Specialist in the field of heat transfer for cooling and heating various mediums. Since 1908 the heat exchangers are completely designed and produced for various industries worldwide. The elements are continuously producing heat for the drying process in the BD 300.

VDL Industrial Products  LOGO-VDL1.png

HT rotary valve

For over 40 years, this simple, but incredibly strong cast-iron valve is produced for use as a dust valve under filters and cyclones and as a low pressure rotary valve. The rotary valve is used to continuously remove extracted dust particles and granulates from the cyclone and / or filter box and to maintain the (under) pressure in the BD 300.